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We at AAMC are dedicated to bringing patients, caregivers and volunteers the facts they need to make informed decisions about whether Cannabis is the right medicine for them, the laws surrounding Medicinal Marijuana in your area, political activism and even handy recipes and guides to growing your own nontoxic medicine.

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Provides scientific and other material regarding the medical use of cannabis (marijuana) and its legal status under the laws of the United States.
image Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
Directory of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

     The Seventh National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics
April 26-28, 2012 in Tucson, Arizona USA
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Video of the Cannabis Therapeutics Conference

     Medical Cannabis educational video project
We are starting a campaign to support the Medical Cannabis educational video project. Please go to our donation page or click the box below to support this campaign.


Ethan Nadelmann's Fiery TEDTalk: What Has the War on Drugs Done to the World?


States' Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act

To provide for the medical use of marijuana in accordance with the laws of the various States

     Guidance Regarding Marijuana Enforcement for All United State Attorneys
Deputy Attorney General James Cole memo with guidelines for federal prosecutors on marijuana enforcement, August 29, 2013

     Memorandum for Selected United State Attorneys on Investigations and Prosecutions in States Authorizing the Medical Use of Marijuana
Attorney General Eric Holder announced formal guidelines for federal prosecutors in states that have enacted laws authorizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes, October 19, 2009

     Medical Marijuana Providers Dr. Mollie Fry and Dale Schafer Prepare for Prison
Support Needed For Dale Schafer And Mollie Fry

     What Dose of Cannabis Is Right for You?
David Bearman, MD, AAMC Newsletter, January 1, 2011

     Cannabidiol (CBD): THE MIRACLE DRUG?
David Bearman, MD, AAMC Newsletter, March 1, 2011

     Montel Williams makes a plea for the medical use of marijuana.

     Oregon Guard soldier's use of medical marijuana runs into Army's drug abuse policy
Julie Sullivan, The Oregonian, June 10, 2010

     What if Cannabis cured cancer?
Discover the truth about this ancient medicine as world renowned scientists in the field of cannabinoid research explain and illustrate their truly mind-blowing discoveries

     Our Federal laws must change to accept reality!
Arthur Livermore - Eugene, Oregon May 1, 2010

     Ed Rosenthal's open letter to President Barack Obama
Ed Rosenthal Special to, June 10, 2009

     We demand the freedom to grow and use Cannabis!
Arthur Livermore - Eugene, Oregon May 2, 2009

     Medical Marijuana in the New Century - Ruth C. Stern and J. Herbie DiFonzo

     "Cannabis Forgetting and the Botany of Desire" - Michael Pollan delivers this Avenali Lecture on the stories of four familiar plant species: the apple,the tulip, the potato, and cannabis.

     The Politics and Science of Medical Marijuana - Donald Abrams, M.D., Robert DuPont, M.D., Rob Kampia, Tim Lynch (Cato Institute)

     Marijuana Doesn't Cause Lung Cancer - Marijuana Policy Project video.

     "Medical Cannabis, Past & Future" - Michael Aldrich, PhD examines medical Cannabis in the 21st century.

     "Waiting to Inhale" - Trailer of the documentary, "Waiting to Inhale" which examines the current debate over legalizing medical marijuana in the United States.

     Drew Carey - Examining medical marijuana and the war on drugs video

     We Stand Here Today - by Arthur Livermore
Eugene, Oregon May 5, 2007

     Starting and Running an AAMC group

     Memories of Dr. Jay

     Attorney General Lockyer Issues Statement On
US Supreme Court's Medical Marijuana Ruling

Transcendent Laws of the Heart

Sam's Story: Autism Spectrum Disorder

U.S. court backs use of medical marijuana

AAMC Joins Battle to Reschedule Cannabis

Andrew Weil: We must stop the war on medical marijuana

Participate in a Research Study: Are people using marijuana as a medicinal sleep aid?


Does Cannabis medicine reduce problem drinking?

Newest Medical Poll - Vote Now

Poll results: What is the best medical cannabis strain?

Poll results: What is the major condition you treat with Cannabis?

Poll results: Medical Cannabis and Brain Disorders

Poll results: Medical Cannabis Reduces the Need for Prescribed Narcotics and Sedatives


Chronic Cannabis Use in the Compassionate Investigational New Drug Program

An Open Letter to Physicians - Understanding Medical Marijuana

The Plight of the Chronically Ill

image Patient stories: THE PATIENT'S CORNER

image ADDITION: Cannabinoids treat skin cancer

ARTICLE: Smokeless Medicine

MEDICAL USE: Can Cannabis Help Multiple Sclerosis?

MEDICAL USE: Cannabis and Depression

MEDICAL USE: Cannabis and Neuroprotection

image ADDITION: Lymphoma may be slowed by cannabis

MEDICAL USE: Chronic Pain


MEDICAL USE: Hepatitis C

image ADDITION: Sickle Cell Disease and Cannabis

LINK: Medical Groups' Endorsements

image RECIPE: Black Out Bud Butter

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This website is dedicated to patients, caregivers, physicians, health care professionals, families, decision makers, and the general community. We at AAMC hope that the information and links prove educational.

AAMC recognizes that under the Controlled Substances Act, possession, use, distribution, sales, furnishing, cultivation, and transportation of cannabis are Federal offenses despite State Medical Cannabis laws.

Readers should take caution to not violate Federal law. AAMC does not sell or furnish any cannabis products. What we offer is education. Our own experiences, plainly stated, offer the best hope that decision makers will finally end the prohibition of medical cannabis.

AAMC is not responsible for the actions of others including those "linked" in this website. Nor is AAMC responsible for opinions expressed in this website other than to state our policy that dialogue and discussion can only be healthy.

Dr. Jay R. Cavanaugh


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