AAMC Joins Battle to Reschedule Cannabis

October 7, 2002

Press Release:

Subject: American Alliance for Medical Cannabis Joins National Coalition Challenging the Wrongful Scheduling of Cannabis

Contact: Jay R. Cavanaugh, Ph.D.
(818) 346-4493

The American Alliance for Medical Cannabis (AAMC) is a nonprofit organization of patients, caregivers, health professionals, and family members that support the responsible use of medical cannabis as adjunctive therapy under a physicians supervision. AAMC is now operational in eleven States including California, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico, Georgia, Florida, Rhode Island, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Colorado.

AAMC joins the National Coalition for Rescheduling in advancing a legal challenge to the inappropriate and illegal scheduling of cannabis as a drug with "no medical value" according to the DEA despite findings to the contrary by the DEA's own law judge, the findings of numerous government sponsored studies, and the real life experiences of many thousands of patients.

Currently nine States provide for medical cannabis programs to the sick, dying, and disabled. Many thousands of patients utilize medical cannabis and we have documented in our petition that cannabis is both safe and efficacious.

AAMC joins Patients Out of Time, NORML, Americans for Safe Access, pioneer Jon Gettman, and numerous other groups and interested individuals seeking to bring science and reason to the Federal decision making process as mandated by Federal Law (

A full text of the petition can be found here.
The formal petition is being filed today by our legal counsel.

Dozens of AAMC patients have taken the extraordinary step of coming forward with their life stories and experience to support the rescheduling of cannabis. We believe that medicine should be strictly a matter between physician and patient and not a political football. Our experience as delineated in the petition documents the opiate sparring effect of cannabis, increased productivity for the disabled, and a general lack of side effects or adverse reactions.

DEA Accepts Rescheduling Petition April 15, 2003

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