The Canny Bus Trip Kit

 400 Watt Santana Soup

 Arthritis Balm  NEW!

 Basic Bud Brownies

 Better Bud Butter

 Black Out Bud Butter

 Cajun Bud Stuffing

 Cajun Chaos

 Cannabis Elixir

 Cannabis Milk

 Canny Citrus Delight

 Chili Con Cannabis

 Chuey’s Chewy Oatmeal/Raisin Delight  NEW and IMPROVED!

 Coma Cookies

 Cooking Means Cash

 Ginger Snap Heaven

 Glycerine-based Tincture  NEW!

 Green Garlic Toasted

 Heaven is Lemons

 Here Come de Fudge…Coma Quick Brownies

 Linguini with Canny Clam Sauce

 Mac Attack

 Marble Madness

 Mary Had a Chili Lamb

 Nebu’s Hazy Hazelnut Bhang

 Oils Well That Ends Well

 Patty Pot Peanut Butter Canny Cookies  NEW and IMPROVED!!!

 Patty Pot Pesto Sauce

 Pecan Sandies

 Pot Roast

 Purple Passion Potatoes

 Quiche a la Canny

 Serenity Garlic Roasted Mashed Potatoes with Bud Butter

 Sour cream coffee cake

 Sweet Potato Delight

 The Green Peril

 The Savoy Truffle

 Time for Tincture  NEW!

 Zucchini Paradise

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