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What is the best medical cannabis strain?

Over 500 patients have weighed in on the type of cannabis that best treats their disorders. The results are:

  • Indica -           127     25%
  • Mostly Indica -  66     13%
  • Indica/Sativa -  90     18%
  • Mostly Sativa -  64     13%
  • Sativa -            68     13%
  • Don't Know -     96     19%

AAMC is aware that different strains help different types of medical conditions. Migraine, for instance, seems to respond best to Sativa's while muscle spasticity is best relieved by Indica. Sativa's tend to be higher in THC and CBN (Cannabinol) while Indica's tend to be higher in CBD (Cannabidiol).

THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis responsible for the "high". CBN is a degradation product that can produce sleepiness and CBD is a nonpsychoactive agent whose mechanism of action is unknown.

Interestingly, one out of every five respondents (96) doesn't know what strain they use and another one out of five chose a 50/50 mix. Apparently it's not a major concern for these folks or they like aspects of both strains. Of the balance 38% prefer Indica or Indica dominant to 26% who prefer Sativa or Sativa dominant. One could say that Indica's are a clear winner but not by much. Without laboratory analysis of Cannabinoid profiles, a scientific finding is impossible. What is evident, though, is that most patients do know what works for them and it varies depending upon condition(s).


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